Friday, June 5, 2015

Cardinals at Dodgers, 6/4/2015

**To learn about "Zone Score" & "Game Score", please see this post.**


HP Dale Scott
1B Dan Iassogna
2B CB Bucknor
3B Lance Barrett


Dodgers: Frias, Colombe
Padres: Wacha, Siegrist, Villanueva

Zone Score & Game Score for Dale Scott

Standard Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLSZ): -2
Dodgers v. RHH (DRSZ): +1

Cardinals v. LHH (OLSZ): -2
Cardinals v. RHH (ORSZ): 0

Adjusted Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLAZ): -6
Dodgers v. RHH (DRAZ): 0

Cardinals v. LHH (OLAZ): -4
Cardinals v. RHH (ORAZ): 0


Standard Strike-Zone Game Score: +1
Adjusted Strike-Zone Game Score: -2


Before last night's game I posted Dale Scott's stats this year and mentioned that he would have a 'tight' strike-zone. That definitely was the case as can be seen by his Zone Score numbers for the Adjusted strike zone; a total of -10 for both teams combined. This means that he expanded the zone very little horizontally, and in total only made 2 strike calls beyond the standard strike zone. This is understandably beneficial to hitters. The average runs scored in games he is behind the plate is 9.9 RPG, which ranks 8th among all umpires. The game only had 5 walks, but also only 12 strikeouts. Since Scott was consistent with his small zone, it wouldn't be fair to recount all 10 of his Adjusted strike zone misses (or gifts), so I am only going to mention the big ones.

The first pitch of the night to the Dodgers, a strike called on Joc Pederson, was the lowest called strike of the night.

There was one more low strike called against Yasmani Grandal from Siegrist, but it just caught the lower part of the zone.

In the ninth inning, Colombe got slight help from Scott on this high strike to Jason Heyward:

As far as incorrect calls inside/outside, Dale Scott only made two. The first one was to Justin Turner (who continues his bad luck string with bad calls) in the second inning:

And the other gift, this time to Dodger pitching, was this Colombe pitch to strike-out Tony Cruz:

He finally gets off the bench to PH in the ninth and has that called on him.. You have to kinda feel bad for the guy... if he didn't play for the Cardinals that is.

When I was live-tweeting the game last night (@dodgerblureview), I made a comment that Scott was having a rough night because he was missing a lot of pitches, but in review you can see that he simply has a tight zone, and as long as he keeps it that way throughout the game there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can see by his Game Score's that he had a very good, consistent game.

Close Calls & Reviews:

In the first inning the Cardinals challenged an out call at 1B (by Dan Iassogna) at the tail end of a 4-6-3 double play. It was a bang bang play and I really thought they might uphold it in NY. They saw it differently and overturned it. The result would turn out to be a few extra pitches from Frias and a small scare as Peralta followed with a single, but Reynolds would then strike-out to end the inning.

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