Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Braves at Dodgers, 5/25/2015

**To learn about "Zone Score" & "Game Score", please see this post.**


HP Mike Estabrook
1B Dana DeMuth
2B Paul Nauert
3B Ed Hickox


Dodgers: Anderson, Liberatore, Hatcher, Jansen
Padres: Perez, Avilan, Masset, Cahill

Zone Score & Game Score for Mike Estabrook

Standard Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLSZ): +1
Dodgers v. RHH (DRSZ): -2

Braves v. LHH (OLSZ): +4
Braves v. RHH (ORSZ): -1

Adjusted Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLAZ): -2
Dodgers v. RHH (DRAZ): -5

Braves v. LHH (OLAZ): +2
Braves v. RHH (ORAZ): -2


Standard Strike-Zone Game Score: -4
Adjusted Strike-Zone Game Score: -7


Mike Estabrook was not a good umpire for the Dodgers last night. It wasn't reflected in the score, but his Adjusted Strike Zone Score of -7 shows that quite a few calls went against the home team. Pull out your dictionary and lookup inconsistent. You could probably place this picture alongside the definition as a prime example:

Chief among Estabrook's questionable calls were:

Strike one to Gonzales in the first:

Strike one to Rollins in the second:

It should be noted that both of those calls came with a 3-0 count. Some umpires will expand their zone in that situation, and it is clear that Estabrook is one of those umpires.

Estabrook called this a strike to Anderson in the fourth (nice receiving by Bethancourt):

And arguably his worst call, this strike two call to Ethier in the first. Ethier would end up drawing a bases loaded walk on the next pitch:

Calls Estabrook missed included this pitch from Anderson to Bethancourt in the seventh:

Notice Ellis' reaction to the no-call.

It is easy to overlook an umpire being bad when your team ends up winning, but Mike Estabrook had a bad game Monday... at least from the Dodger's perspective.

Close Calls & Reviews:

There were not any challenges or reviews in the game. There was a check swing appeal to Dana DeMuth that I remember being pretty bad, but I forgot to write it down to check later. Speaking of Dana DeMuth, Tuesday's game with DeMuth behind the plate should be interesting...

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