Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Short Commentary on "Zone Score" Data

As tongue-in-cheek as my post about Chris Conroy's performance last night was, it should be noted that I don't actually think he was 'favoring' the Giants. The data suggests he was, but there are many reasons the data could end up indicating that. The ability of a catcher to frame certain pitches, pitches missing location resulting in an umpire not having the appropriate setup to view a pitch (setting up outside on a pitch that misses in), and things such as a batter squaring to bunt can all have an impact on how an umpire "sees" a pitch.

That being said, these things are part of the game and happen in every game, with every umpire. Conroy's performance last night is likely a mix of all of the above AND a tendency to unknowingly give the home team the benefit of the doubt.

These are all reasons that I started this blog - to collect the data in hopes of noticing trends.

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