Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dodgers at Cardinals, 5/30/2015

**To learn about "Zone Score" & "Game Score", please see this post.**


HP Marcus Pattillo
1B Marty Foster
2B Mike Muchlinski
3B Mike Winters


Dodgers: Frias, Garcia, Liberatore
Padres: Wacha, Maness, Harris, Belisle, Villanueva

Zone Score & Game Score for Marcus Pattillo

Standard Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLSZ): +2
Dodgers v. RHH (DRSZ): +5

Cardinals v. LHH (OLSZ): +1
Cardinals v. RHH (ORSZ): -2

Adjusted Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLAZ): -2
Dodgers v. RHH (DRAZ): +2

Cardinals v. LHH (OLAZ): -1
Cardinals v. RHH (ORAZ): -2


Standard Strike-Zone Game Score: +8
Adjusted Strike-Zone Game Score: +3


Minor League umpire Marcus Pattillo replaced scheduled umpire Mark Wegner for this game. I'm not sure if this was a scheduled day off for Wegner or if he was sick, but it was nice of whoever is in charge to keep the "M-Crew" together by replacing Mark with Marcus to go along with Marty, Mike and Mike.

Pattillo was working his first game behind the plate in 2015. He worked 14 games there in 2014. It is telling that the 'rookie' had a better performance calling balls and strikes than noted vets Nauert and Winters. Pattillo had a good game that favored the Dodgers quite a bit. A few of his 'misses' were because of missed locations by the pitchers. Specifically:

Frias to Peralta in the first inning:

Frias to Jay in the second inning:

And Wacha to Turner in the sixth:

Calls benefitting the Dodgers included Ball 2 to Grandal in the second that should have been Strike 3:

Grandal would eventually ground out.

Ball 2 to Frias in the third that should have been Strike 3:

Frias would eventually strikeout anyway.

This first pitch Ball to Kendrick in the fourth:

Kendrick would draw a walk but be stranded at first after Ethier grounded out after him.

This first pitch called Strike to Carpenter was outside:

Carpenter would eventually single to RF.

The only noticeable call against the Dodgers (besides the pitches where Frias missed his spot indicated above) would be in Turner's AB in the sixth:

Turner would later get the benefit of a Ball (noted above when Wacha missed locations), and then hit his double that started the Dodger rally.

In the ninth inning, there were two calls to Peralta that pretty much evened out:


If I were a conspiracy kind of guy, I would profer the idea that after noticing what a bad job Winters did yesterday somebody brought up a rookie umpire to call a game that heavily favored the Dodgers. I don't really think that - I think this is simply a case of things naturally evening out - but if you want put on your tinfoil cap for some fun, well....

Close Calls & Reviews:

After the stress of last night's game and the madness of Mike Winters, it was nice to have a relatively easy and controversy free game. There were not any challenges or close plays that impacted the game.

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