Saturday, May 23, 2015

Padres at Dodgers, 5/22/2015

**To learn about "Zone Score" & "Game Score", please see this post.**


HP Brian O'Nora
1B Clint Fagan
2B Alan Porter
3B Jeff Kellogg


Dodgers: Greinke, Hatcher, Jansen
Padres: Cashner, Maurer, Benoit

Zone Score & Game Score for Brian O'Nora

Standard Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLSZ): +4
Dodgers v. RHH (DRSZ): -2

Padres v. LHH (OLSZ): -1
Padres v. RHH (ORSZ): +1

Adjusted Strike-Zone
Dodgers v. LHH (DLAZ): +2
Dodgers v. RHH (DRAZ): -3

Padres v. LHH (OLAZ): 0
Padres v. RHH (ORAZ): -4


Standard Strike-Zone Game Score: +2
Adjusted Strike-Zone Game Score: +3


O'Nora was fairly consistent with his strike zone but there were four or five questionable calls. Overall the calls seemed to favor the Dodgers, but a call in Kemp's AB in the eighth was definitely the most crucial miss. Here are the most controversial calls O'Nora made:

The Kemp non-call:

Strike one to Will Venable in the ninth was very up and very out, but Kenley got the call. This would be important considering Jeff Kellogg's determination on the next pitch (noted below):

There was a missed strike call to Norris in the second inning. This is a great example of the umpire not giving a call because the pitcher missed his spot:

Greinke got the benefit of a low strike call when O'Nora gave him this pitch in the eighth inning. Solarte was not happy:

Close Calls & Reviews:

Jeff Kellogg made a pretty bad call from third base on an appeal of a check swing by Will Venable in the ninth inning. In a one run game with one out in the last inning, the AB had a LI of 1.96. Kellogg must have been sleeping, because this is a swing:

In the top of the seventh the Dodgers challenged a safe call of Derek Norris at home after Venable knocked him in with a soft liner to Pederson in CF. Norris clearly beat the throw, but upon review it looked as though Norris' foot came off the ground in his slide and he never actually touched the plate. Ultimately the call was upheld, and this is a good example of calls that Mattingly has been very vocal about this season. It is very likely that if the call had been out, they would have gone with that.

I can't argue with the challenge, and I can't really argue against the ultimate decision to uphold the call. One of the biggest negative effects of replays in the game, in my opinion, are calls like this that take the game to a level of millimeters that is oftentimes convoluted and results in decisions that seem nefarious. Sometimes if a ball beats a runner he is out.... especially on plays at home plate which is flat and difficult to 'touch' when sliding into.

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